Roof Parameters

Calculates some basic geometric details for an octagonal roof with equal pitches for each of eight planes. The 'length' and 'width' parameters form a bounding rectangle which contains the octagon, with the 'length' being the longer of the two dimensions. Each chord is at 45° from its two neighbors, and all but the two parallel to the length dimension are of equal length.

Roof Length:
Roof Width:
Roof Pitch (degrees):
Roof Design Details

Roof Length: 20.00

Roof Width: 15.00

Roof Pitch: 45.0°

Roof Height: 7.50

Rafter Length: 10.61

Long Chord Length: 11.21

Short Chord Length: 6.21

Rafter Angle above Horizontal: 42.7°

Angle Between Rafters at Apex: 32.6°